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Real Tube Dual Overdrive – Preamp with cabinet simulation.
The MOTHERSHIP is a user-friendly complete solution for authentic vintage and modern genuine tube amp tones, in a compact and lightweight, yet rugged enclosure that is designed to fit easily into any setup.

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Blending the authentic analog warmth of real tubes with a highly configurable cabinet simulator, plus flexible outputs and control options, the MOTHERSHIP – Real Tube Preamp stands out as possibly the most highly featured and flexible front end for any guitar rig currently available.
Both channels on the MOTHERSHIP are identical, yet highly configurable. Featuring three gain modes (High, Medium and Low) on each channel, along with a toggle switch for selecting between your three chosen speaker simulations, the MOTHERSHIP can conjure up a multitude of both iconic, familiar and unique tones easily and intuitively. Each channel also features two master gain controls along with two master volumes, allowing four different voices to be instantly recalled, either by pressing the relevant footswitch or via MIDI command.
Demonstrating its prowess as a fully comprehensive plug and play device, the MOTHERSHIP also features over 70 free custom cabinet simulations to choose from (when connected to Tsakalis’ own TAW Editor app via USB), separate dedicated simultaneous outputs for both the cabinet simulator and a “dry” output for your amp of choice, MIDI control of channel and A/B selection and also a serial mono FX loop for added tonal versatility.

The MOTHERSHIP represents the perfect “amp-in-a-box” pedal, seamlessly blending a beautifully designed, real tube front end with a highly flexible cabinet modelling solution. However, it also shines as a genuine tube overdrive pedal when connected to the front of your amplifier, or when running it as the tone-defining preamp section of your setup, directly into your power amp. It can also do both of these things simultaneously.

      The MOTHERSHIPl has two completely independent channels, each featuring a four band EQ, two different Gain/Volume sections, three selectable gain-stages and three selectable cabinet simulations, plus a serial mono effects-loop for your external effects, MIDI in and free access to Tsakalis Audioworks’ full free online library of carefully selected and curated digital cabinet simulations.Each channel features a four band EQ (Bass, Mid, Treble and Presence) and two different Gain and Volume controls (Gain A-Volume A / Gain B-Volume B) transforming the MOTHERSHIP into a quad channel powerhouse.
      The dedicated MODE switch for each channel is responsible for the tube audio path structure, giving 3 different gain modes L = Low, M = Mid and H = High, allowing you to easily customize completely different lead and rhythm tones with different gain structures as well as a solo volume boost for each and access them on-the-fly by simply pressing the relevant footswitch.
    The MOTHERSHIP’s two independent channels were carefully designed with a real tube audio path, providing a huge range of tones from warm or sparkling cleans all the way to high gain tube driven distortion. The two ECC83 (12AX7) tubes, run at a comfortable 240 Volts, providing touch sensitivity, headroom and plenty of gain and tube sag as required.


When the MOTHERSHIP is engaged (ON LED enabled) the instrument signal goes directly to the input of the tubes, delivering the tone and feeling that the real tube amps do.


When the MOTHERSHIP is bypassed (ON LED disabled) the input goes through an integrated ultra transparent buffer, preserving the guitar signal as pure as possible.


    Each channel’s dedicated CAB switch provides 3 different user-definable cabinet simulations.

Select from the wide range of curated, free and most importantly supreme-quality cabinet simulations with less than 1.2ms latency.

All available in the online Tsakalis AudioWorks library and upload them to the MOTHERSHIP via USB using the TAW Editor app (available for PC, Mac and Linux).



The MOTHERSHIP features an onboard all analog tube-like power amp simulation for the CAB output. This high grade analog circuit emulates the feel and the character of EL34 power tubes in push pull topology providing punch and sag when needed.

Download the T.A.W. Editor app


Windows 7 64bit or higher

Download and install.
You may be prompted for administrator permission.
Click approve and install.


MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 or higher

Download and install.
You may be prompted for administrator permissions or safety warning.
Approve T.A.W. app in system settings–>privacy & security–>approve.

Ubuntu (Linux based OS)

Download, unzip and execute

    All three of the MOTHERSHIP’s footswitches can be used in latching or momentary mode, simply by either tapping or holding them down longer. Latching mode works with a normal press of the switch (shorter than 600ms), while Momentary mode is engaged by simply holding down the footswitch for the longer period of time required.
    But that’s not all! The MOTHERSHIP is also capable of being controlled via MIDI program change messages (midi channel:OMNI) using its dedicated MIDI Input. With 128 presets at your disposal, along with an intuitive and simple method for saving and recalling them, the MOTHERSHIP is set to become an indispensable centerpiece for the modern guitar setup.

      • Dual Channel Tube Preamp with Overdrive
      • 2 ECC83s (12AX7) preamp tubes run at 240 Volts internally – for incredible headroom and genuine tube-amp feel and dynamics
      • 2 independent channels capable of producing everything from sparkling cleans to tight heavy distorted tones
      • 2 individual Gain/Volume sections for each channel selectable via a dedicated footswitch – 4 tones on tap at any time
      • Individual 4-band EQ per channel (Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence)
      • 3 gain stages per channel selectable via the MODE toggle switch
      • 3 user-selectable cabinet simulations per channel selectable via the CAB toggle switch
      • Serial effects loop – active even when in bypass mode – for looping in e.g. time-based effects between preamp and Cab Sim
      • Dedicated TRS cabinet simulation output with ground lift – active even when in bypass mode
      • Dedicated output for connecting to the front of an amp or a power amp, selectable by toggle switch
      • Full MIDI compatibility – 128 user-customizable and programmable MIDI presets (Program Change midi commands)
      • USB port for uploading Cab Sims to the six slots (three per channel) – choose from the free Tsakalis Audioworks online library of 70+ selected high-quality cab simulations
      • Multifunction Latching or Momentary function footswitches
      • Integrated input buffer – only active when in bypass mode
      • Powered by (included) 12 V DC power adapter (2,1 mm, center -, 700 mA current draw)
      • Dimensions including knobs and switches: 6,5cm(H) x 17,5cm(W) x 15cm(D)
      • Weight: 1,2Kgr
      • Handmade in Athens, Greece


“Any trademarks attributed that are not owned by Tsakalis AudioWorks, are for demonstrative purposes and to identify the products of those manufacturers whose tones and sounds were studied during TAW’s sound development procedure, and are property of their respective owners”

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