Our Story

Our daily endeavor is to bring the sound that lives in our head to life.
For us, building pedals means to inspire musicians who inspire us.

It feels like yesterday when founder Chris Tsakalis was looking for feedback on his new custom built – tube driven overdrive, from players who he repaired gear for in Athens. That first attempt, that grew up to become the “Gravity Spot”, was the spark needed to gather the attention of the local musical society.
A few years later, and with a wide range of effects to share with the world, came our first international trade show in Frankfurt followed by many NAMM shows.

We believe in the process of hand building and we plan to keep it that way. We believe in simple and easy to use pedals which provide the player with  many different options without getting in his/her way. We believe in quality components. We believe in research. We believe in interaction. We believe in music.

This is not a job for us nor will it ever be.
We Live And Breathe Tone…