Experience fuzz-Octave

Experience fuzz-octave promo video with original song.

Ocean Reverb

Full demo of Ocean Reverb Pedal by Panayiotis Bourazanis

Ocean Reverb demo.

Crown British style OD demo.

Zipper by Dino Monoxelos

Dino Moxelos (Ampeg man), Ampeg's product specialist reviews Zipper optical compressor

``In My Arms`` solo by Claudio Pietronic

``In My Arms`` solo by Claudio Pietronic using ``G-Spot`` all tube high gain overdrive & ``Multicab`` Cab simulation.

G-Spot & Multicab demo by Claudio Pietronic

Claudio Pietronic demos ``G-Spot`` all tube high gain overdrive & ``Multicab`` Cab simulation

G-Spot High Gain Tube pedal The Greek portal for the guitarists reviews the G-Spot pedal. Take a look to this killer sound pedal !!!


A review of ``TiLay`` Time Layer Delay

Nerve reviews ``Nerve`` Dual Distortion pedal.

Andy Boulton

Tokyo Blade's Andy Boulton presents his gear and of course his pedals made from us... 1. G-spot real all tube 2 channel drive-distortion
2. Ball Booster (custom painting)
3. MultiCab speaker simulator
Andy starts the tour with his guitar, and at 5:30 continues with his pedals... Enjoy

Tremmatic Optical tremolo reviews ``Tremmatic`` optical tremolo.

Riff Raff The Greek portal for the guitarists. A full review of Riff-Raff Dual Overdrive pedal.

Riff-Raff - Suhermanto Harsono

Suhermanto Harsono makes a testing video for Riff-Raff Dual Drive pedal from Tsakalis AudioTubeWorks. I got this pedal from the 2nd prize of Waves of Shred Guitar Competition 2013. Routing : guitar -- Riff-Raff -- TC Flashback -- DI -- soundcard.

Zipper by Katerina Koti

Katerina Koti from Groove Therapist using ``Zipper`` optical compressor

Riff-Raff & G-Spot

Nick Arvanites from was really inspired form Gravity-Spot & Riff-Raff pedals.The result was this incredible song!!!!!
Riff-Raff pedal is for all rhythm sections G-Spot pedal is for all solo sections.
Thanks a lot Nick.

AudioTubeWorks Lab Tour

Take a tour to AudioTubeWorks Lab. A production

Obsession pre & Perfection Power Amp

Yiannis Papadopoulos “The Guitar Hero” is touring around his signature Gear made from us!
- Obsession 3 channel all tube preamp with midi control
- Perfection 20watts all tube power amp with midi control