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3 types of reverb, from classic Spring to ambient Hall and symphonic Shimmer. Smart mix control from a pure dry signal to 100% wet signal, and dedicated Storm control for special effect on each reverb style.

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3 Types of Digital Reverb – Pedal

The Ocean was designed to produce studio quality classic and ambient reverb, enabling you to set different moods without having to sacrifice too much precious pedal-board space due to its small size. It offers a wide range of textures, from thick, endless hall reverb to symphonic shimmer and vintage spring reverb.

It features three different reverb type modes: Hall, Shimmer and Spring, all customize-able via Size, Diffuse and Storm controls. The Mi control lets you adjust the balance between dry and wet signal, from pure dry to 100% wet. Turn the Mix knob all the way to the right to access these desirable swells without the need to use a volume pedal or your pickup volume knob.

Another very important aspect of the Ocean is that it does something that many reverb pedals fail to accomplish. It respects your signal and preserves your sound signature!

  • Hall mode (HL) Choose from echo similar to that of a small room all the way to a long “haunted” hall.
  • Shimmer mode (SH) From classic hall reverb to symphonic – almost infinite reverb with pads and overtones.
  • Spring mode (SP) Classic vintage spring reverb similar to that of an actual spring reverb tank. From very short and ‘small room’ effect, to vintage ‘surf’ and all the way to glorious splash & ‘boingy’ spring reverb.
  • Handmade in Athens, Greece
  • True Bypass
  • 3 types of studio quality reverb
  • 1 Heavy Duty Foot-switch for enable / disable the pedal
  • Power supply : regulated 9-12V DC (center -)
  • Max power consumption : 56mA @ 9V DC
  • Heavy duty & light weight aluminum box
  • Dimensions : 70mm(Width) x 112mm(Length) x 50mm(Height)

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Dimensions 130 × 81 × 66 mm