'Zipper MKII' , 'Riff Raff MKII' & 'Crown' - Babis Tyropoulos

Babis Tyropoulos plays through the 'Zipper MKII', the 'Riff Raff MKII' & the 'Crown' pedals on 'Hot Wired'.

'Experience' Fuzz/Octave - Pete Thorn

'Experience' Fuzz/Octave demo by Pete Thorn.

'Riif Raff MKII' Dual Overdive - In the Blues

``Riff Raff MKII`` demo by In the Blues.

TiLay - In the Blues

TiLay tape-analog delay demo by IntheBlues

Experience fuzz Octave - Promo Video

Experience fuzz-octave promo video.

Ocean Reverb - Promo Video

Ocean Reverb promo video.

Ocean Reverb - demo.

Crown British style OD - demo.

Zipper - Dino Monoxelos

Dino Moxelos (Ampeg man), Ampeg's product specialist reviews Zipper optical compressor

``In My Arms`` solo - Claudio Pietronic

``In My Arms`` solo by Claudio Pietronic using ``G-Spot`` all tube high gain overdrive & ``Multicab`` Cab simulation.

G-Spot & Multicab - Claudio Pietronic

Claudio Pietronic demos ``G-Spot`` all tube high gain overdrive & ``Multicab`` Cab simulation

G-Spot - The Greek portal for the guitarists reviews the G-Spot pedal. Take a look to this killer sound pedal !!!

'TiLay' Tape/Analog Delay -

A review of the 'TiLay' Time Layer tape-analog delay

'Nerve' High Gain Dual Distortion -

A review of the 'Nerve' Dual Distortion.

G-Spot - Andy Boulton

Tokyo Blade's Andy Boulton presents his gear and of course his pedals made from us... 1. G-spot real all tube 2 channel drive-distortion
2. Ball Booster (custom painting)
3. MultiCab speaker simulator
Andy starts the tour with his guitar, and at 5:30 continues with his pedals... Enjoy

'Tremmatic' optical tremolo -

A demo of the 'Tremmatic' optical tremolo pedal.

'Riff Raff' Dual Overdive -

A demo of the 'Riff-Raff' Dual Overdrive pedal.

Riff-Raff - Suhermanto Harsono

Suhermanto Harsono makes a testing video for Riff-Raff Dual Drive pedal from Tsakalis AudioTubeWorks. I got this pedal from the 2nd prize of Waves of Shred Guitar Competition 2013. Routing : guitar -- Riff-Raff -- TC Flashback -- DI -- soundcard.

Zipper by Katerina Koti

Katerina Koti from Groove Therapist using ``Zipper`` optical compressor

Riff-Raff & G-Spot

Nick Arvanites from was really inspired form Gravity-Spot & Riff-Raff pedals.The result was this incredible song!!!!!
Riff-Raff pedal is for all rhythm sections G-Spot pedal is for all solo sections.
Thanks a lot Nick.

Tsakalis AudioWorks workshop -

Take a tour to Tsakalis audioWorks workshop. A production.

'Obsession' pre-amp & 'Perfection' power-amp - Yiannis Papadopouls

A great in depth demo of the custom made 'Obsesion' pre-amp and 'Perfection' power amp for Yannis Papadopoulos