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MultiCab MK3.5

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8 custom-made virtual guitar cabinets and natural room ambience combined with pre-amp type, power-amp voicing , cabinet back type and microphone type voicing controls. All carefully blended to deliver the cab sim every player has been looking for. No frustrating menus or complicated software. Simply plug in and enjoy one of the handiest tone-tools out there.

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MultiCab MK3.5
Cabinet Simulator­ – Preamp

   Go direct to the PA and the audio interface from your pedalboard with MultiCab MK3.5 and create a lightweight rig. Use it as an amp DI between your amp and the cabinet to send your true tube tone to the PA. Pair it with a dummy load to practice your tube amp silently at home with headphones and jam with backing tracks by using the AUX input.

  The MultiCab MK3.5 lets you do all the above and more without having to deal with any form of  software or complex menus and sub-menus. An easy plug’n’play set-up lets you dial in the perfect settings in a matter of minutes.


  A mixture of elements from both analog and digital worlds were used to achieve the most realistic response.

  While developing the MultiCab MK3.5 we made a conscious decision not to use IR technology. This way, and in conjunction with parallel analog audio path, we managed to create a unit that minimizes latency (not even barely noticeable), providing the most genuine and direct experience possible.


Analog world

  The always active analog path is responsible for the pre-amp modes, power amp voicing, cabinet back type and microphone type voicing, while the parallel digital path is responsible for the 8 guitar cabinet types and the natural room ambience.

  The pre-amp (PRE) section was designed with two jfet stages for a tube like response and touch, featuring a versatile tone control and 2 modes (CLEAN & HOT).
The power (PWR) section mimics the voicing and feel of a power amp in a push pull topology loaded with EL34 or 6L6 tubes.
The cabinet BACK type section features 3 selections of cabinet back types. The closed back (CLS) setting makes the sound feel more directional with tight and punchy bass. The semi open back (SEM) setting introduces some frequency phases and reflections, making the tone feel fuller with subtly looser bass. The open back (OPN) setting enriches the tone with many complex frequency phases and reflections, contributing to less low-end punch and generally looser bass.
The microphone (MIC) section is responsible for the microphone type voicing. The (DYN) setting mimics the frequency response inspired by the Shure™ SM57™ dynamic microphone placed on axis in front of the cab. The (RIB) setting mimics the frequency response inspired by the Royer™ R121™ ribbon microphone placed on axis in front of the cab. The (BOTH) setting mimics the frequency response inspired by both SM57™ & R121™ microphones placed on axis in front of the cab.


Digital world

8 custom-made virtual guitar cabinets:

  The MultiCab MK3.5 features 8 different virtual guitar cabinets heavily inspired on some legendary and iconic guitar amps and cabinets.

      •  1×10: inspired by 1962 Fender™ Princeton™ amp loaded with one 10″ Oxford™ 10J4 speaker
      •  4×10: inspired by 1966 Fender™ Super Reverb™ amp loaded with four 10″ Jensen™ P10R speakers.
      •  1×12: inspired by 1965 Fender™ Deluxe Reverb™ amp loaded with one 12″ Oxford™ 12K5-6 speaker.
      •  1×12*: inspired by Zilla™ Fatbaby™ closed back cabinet loaded with one 12″ Celestion™ Vintage30™ speaker.
      •  2×12: inspired by 1966 VOX™ AC30-JMI™ amp loaded with two 12″ Celestion™ silver bulldog speakers.
      •  2×12*: inspired by Marshall™ 1936 cabinet loaded with two 12″ Celestion™ G12T-75 speakers.
      •  4×12: inspired by Marshall™ 1960AX angled cabinet loaded with four 12″ Celestion™ G12H-30 greenback speakers.
      •  4×12*: inspired by Mesa Boogie™ Rectifier™ angled cabinet loaded with four 12″ Celestion™ Vintage30™ speakers.


With the AMBIENCE control you can adjust the level of natural room ambience. Imagine having a 3rd microphone, placed away from the cabinet, that captures the reflections from the room in which the cab is placed. Dial it past noon for a warm and small sized reverb effect.



Find the perfect place for the MultiCab MK3.5 depending on your needs.
– On your pedalboard. For best results we recommend placing the MultiCab MK3.5 after the overdrive/distortion pedals and before any time based effects (reverb, delay, modulation, etc). This way, you also get to use them in stereo if possible. You can also place it at the end of your board.
– Between your amp and cabinet as an amp DI box. Connect the speaker-output of your amp to the IN of the MultiCab MK3.5 and your cabinet to the THROUGH OUT of the pedal, and then from the XLR or LINE out to the PA or a mixer.
– After a load box to push the settings of your favorite amp without tearing down the walls of your place.

Practice or even jam along your favorite tunes by connecting a phone/player to the AUX input. Connect a pair of headphones to the headphones out and your neighbors won’t even know you are there!



      • Handmade in Athens, Greece
      • 8 custom-made virtual guitar cabinets
      • Natural room ambience
      • 2 types of pre-amp with tone control
      • 2 types of power amp voicing
      • 3 types of cabinet back
      • 3 types of microphone voicing
      • Input gain pad
      • Through out
      • Balanced XLR and line out
      • Headphones out
      • Auxiliary in
      • Power Supply : 9V Boss-type DC adapter (center -), 12V ok
      • Max power consumption : 100mA @ 9V DC
      • Heavy duty & light weight aluminum box
      • Dimensions : 130mm(Width) x 96mm(Length) x 63mm(Height)
      • T.A.W. Limited Life-Time warranty


“Any trademarks attributed that are not owned by Tsakalis AudioWorks, are for demonstrative purposes and to identify the products of those manufacturers whose tones and sounds were studied during TAW’s sound model development procedure, and are property of their respective owners”





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